Monday, February 26, 2018

From The Coalition on Human Needs: Resources on the President's Fiscal Year 19 Budget

In case you missed it... this week the Voices for Human Needs blog covered resources from our members and our latest Human Needs Report, all focused on President Trump's FY19 budget blueprint. Subscribe to the blog and share with your networks!  

This week on the blog...
Resources from around the Coalition: Trump FY19 budget edition
February 22
On Feb. 12, the Trump administration released its Fiscal Year 2019 budget request. Since then, CHN's members have been busy analyzing the proposal and pointing out the many ways it would slash basic human needs programs and harm low-income people. In this blog, we cover a few of the analyses and resources; these and many more are also available on CHN's FY19 budget resource page

The Human Needs Report: President Trump's FY19 Budget Request Special Edition
February 20
CHN released a special edition of the Human Needs Report focusing on President Trump's FY19 budget request. In addition to an overview of the budget itself and the budget process, we compiled many of the program cuts and policy changes in the Trump administration's budget that are most damaging to low-income people from select departmental budgets, including the Departments of Health and Human Services, Education, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, and Agriculture. We also included proposed cuts and changes to other areas of note. READ MORE »

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